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Annual garage clear out....


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Hi everyone. 

I have decided  to try and clear my lock up out a bit and make some  room for some fresh junk...

I have found a front and rear chrome  bumper  for an early  b or mk1 vauxhall cavalier .The front has a small Dent  In the corner (which will knock  out and hide behind the  rubber strip).The chrome is excellent. 

The rear is in very good condition  with  good chrome.

Price of bumpers are £ 50.00 each to anyone  off the  forum. 


I have  also got  3 tyres with excellent  tyre tread .The sizes are all 185/70 R13.

Two are Avons 

One is a pirelli. I think. Excellent  condition  with lots of tread left. 

I also have a  rostyle wheel  in very good  condition  with a excellent  tyre  on it pirelli again  I think. 


Tyres are £10.00 each  and £20.00 for the rim and tyre.


If anyone is interested  in  any of these items. .Then please  send me a message. 

I have  got lots of other  bits and pieces  that I will sort out and list on the forum. 


Cheers Stuart. 




Sorry for  putting  this advert  in the wrong section. I thought  I had  put it in parts for  sale. 

My eyes ain't what they  were  👓 👓😧

Edited by BIG STU
Wrong section. Should be in parts for sale.
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Hi sam.

I would  of thought so  yes.

It all depends on  what rims you have  fitted  to your  car.

The only  difference  i  can  think of  is the width of the tyre differed depending on the  model of car.

But on yours i would  of said it was fitted  with  185/70 R 13 tyres.

Hope  this helps 

Cheers  Stuart. 

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Sorry mate. The front  will definitely  be  the  same. 

Not sure  on the rear as I haven't  owned a hatch. 

But it wouldn't  surprise me  if they were the same. 

Someone on here would definitely  know. 


Keep  me  posted  if you still want  them. 

Thanks for getting in touch. 

Cheers Stuart 

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Chrome Bumpers are still  available. 

If anyone is interested. 

Just to let everyone know. The bumpers are off a manta B coupe so the rear is only suitable  for a  manta  B coupe ..


The front  will fit either  a manta  b or mk1 vauxhall cavalier. 


I hope that  helps. 

Cheers :rolleyes:

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