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Good afternoon  everyone. 

I was wondering if  anyone could help me out. 

I want to  change  my spark plugs on my opel manta. 

It's a 1977  manta b sr coupe 1900cc.

I need to know  what are the best make to fit  regarding performance and reliability plus manufacturers part number .


I normally  fit NGKs. But I have been looking at the  DENSO range. 


Any help  and advice  would be  greatly  appreciated. 

Cheers Stuart 😉

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I always use a spark plug comparison website (sorry I’m not home, so can’t provide the details).

I use the recommended plug make and model from the owners manual and cross reference that to three or four other equivalents. I always go for a reputable brand but make my final decision on price. Never had a problem.

Using that method I got a set of plugs for my 13 plate Astra for £7.80 delivered.

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Just remembered that I have a Remote Desktop App on my phone, so I was able to get to my Bookmarks on the home PC.

The website I use is: www.sparkplug-crossreference.com

As they say, it does what it says on the tin :lol:

Once you have a few options, you can go shopping for the best deal.

I always find that The Green Spark Plug Company are very competitive.

Hopefully that information helps someone in some small way.

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