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HI everyone. 

I was wondering if  anyone  could help me out. 

I am thinking of  changing  my webber 32/36 dgv carburettor on my 1977 opel manta b coupe 1900cc, for a 38/38 webber with automatic  choke  set up.

I just need to know  if it's worth  doing. 

I.E. more power gain.

Can the original  round air filter housing  be fitted on top.

Does the fuel  economy  drop drastically. 

Do you get better acceleration. 


I am not bothered  about top end  speed.

Just off the mark.

If any one  has one of  these carb's on there  car please can you let me know if they are  any good and do you gain  any more  power etc 

Or should I  just stick with the  32/36 version. 


As always  any  help and support  would be  greatly appreciated .

Cheers Stuart. :thumbup

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Good  evening  everyone. 

Just been  given  information  about  a 38/38 webber  for  my car.

It turns out that  this carburettor  isn't  suitable  for every  day  driving. Low revs,traffic  etc.

Only good for  racing. 

So I will  stick with my  32/36 and get a  rolling  road  carried out to get any imperfections  ironed out.😞


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