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Rear end power handling?


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How much power can I put through a stock rear end (74 manta rallye) before something breaks, I’m pushing 170hp now and it’s holding up but I’m thinking it’s turbo time (especially cause my friend just gave me a solid 60mm for free lol) and I need to figure out how much boost I can throw at it before I break the rear end? 

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Easily 380bhp, M3 power, diff welded! Lasted well, but broke after a few yrs, weld another and fit. 

If your road and want to be finished with it, 4ha axle, or volvo 240, 740, or atlas. Cheapest, maybe most reliable, as parts are available

Cheapest is gonna be atlas, either opel stud or ford pattern front hubs, decide, and stick to it, different patterns suck! 

Volvos where cheap at a time, after an axle a LSD is 700 quid, then build it, most volvo lsd where only lockers

Opel, with a plated diff, if you can find one is most expensive


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