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Fuel Tank connection pipes

Courtenay T 27

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Just now, H-400 said:

Maybe better to buy fuel hoses that already can have fuel with ethanol, we never know what those politicians decide behind our back.

This, all day long. I just finished pulling the whole fuel system out of a 1.2 Nova that had suffered from the ethanol in fuel.  IT was laid up about 5 years ago with around 15 litres on petrol in, that ethanol petrol has turned into a watery rusty soup, the tank is rusted out and all the plastic pickup pipe had dissolved, the carb was full of green sludge and the fuel pump just didn't work.


Car ran perfectly when parked.  This was indoors, not outside so its rusted from within.  The ethanol absorbs water from the air as well as eating rubber and alloy.  Evil stuff.


Im now looking for a new nova 5 door tank.

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