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A Series Halo Headlights


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Just thought i would share this little video of the A Series with the Halo Headlights all up and working 🙂

As its been so nice and mild down here in Bournemouth i have been cracking on and getting the wiring finally sorted out and then its a few more things to tidy up before the final part of the build (and the most important! getting the old 2.4 all running properly!


Click here for the halo video.



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1 hour ago, ®evo03 said:

Cant see video, is it on your site? 

What are the halo lights from

Yep its on the blog or you can see it here. I couldn't upload it to the post as it was too large a file.


They are BMW 3 series E30, I got them from a place called Ultimate Styling, not sure if they still exist. I think it was through eBay.

A bit more info on the setup on these links if you want to do a bit more reading.






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31 minutes ago, Mike. said:

A really nice addition to your A, looks great  👍

Thanks 🙂 Took a little bit to get them sorted and working but im well happy with them now. I will post a pic when all the trim is back on as that finishes them off nicely.

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