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Valve stem oil seals C20LET/XE, hammer down or not?


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Hey chaps/chapesess

Im replacing my valve stem oil seals on my Manta A C20LET. 

When installing new seals, do you push them on until they click into place, or do you need to tap them down with a hammer? 

The originals appear to be installed until they click, as it takes very little effort to pull them off and are very easily rotated, which doesn’t seem right. 

Any thoughts? Or anybody know the answer to this one?

Thanks in advance. 


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Thank you very much! 

To me, that makes sense. I’ve heard a few different opinions. Some people say to just push down until clicks and others say hammer them down a bit. 

Im much happier tapping them down. 

Thanks for the heads up about tapping them down too far! 



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