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Under sealing the chassis

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I'm after some advice please, I've waxoyled my chassis legs etc not to pleased with the result as it didnt come out of the nozzle as expected and sprayed red oxide on the underneath, I will be doing a few coats. Can anyone advise on what to spray on the red oxide and can I redo the cavities. Been on the internet but  to much information.


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Waxoil tends to be on the thick side straight out the tin, especially in this cold weather. Did you warm the can in hot water to thin it, before spraying inside the chassis legs?

There are several ways to finish over red oxide, eg rust resistant paint, stone chip textured paint or some just prime and spray 2k paint, the same as the car body colour.

What finish over the red oxide are you looking for and are you covering under the whole floor pan or just a local repair?


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I heated the waxoyl and applied it in a warm garage but not confident it covered all the areas in the cavities. I've got the car on a rotisserie so sprayed all of the underneath in red oxide. I have looked at POR15 top coat, i am after a smooth finish , would a 2PK be hard enough to with stand country roads and stone chip.

Cheers for your replies.

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if you have already sprayed waxoil on the underside you will not be able to put any other sort of paint over top of it unless you spend a long time cleaning it all off. For a nice smooth finish i use a two part epoxy mastic from Rust. https://www.rust.co.uk/.

Can be sprayed on if you have a good compressor or brushed on and once dry will not leave brush makes, can also be over painted


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Confused?......... Have you put waxoil in the cavaties? No chance of getting it all out! 

Waxoil will never dry completely, if it is sprayed on outer base of car! It could be wiped off, rags, a solvent, Anyway still confused, red oxide is a primer, so it is porus, you will need to paint, and protect paint with something, i use stone chip personally. Reason why, it dries solid, and if it needs to come of in future, it will.To treat cavaties i use a shutes gun, with extended hose ends.

I also drill from inside car staggered holes, to get correct coverage, and use grommets to seal holes.

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