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400 fun in Germany

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Yep, at some time had to loose them cause they knew the road better than me. And the missus was sitting next to me to record everything.

Don't want to hurt my car and her ,in the woods was something like the "Nurburgring", wet when you don't expext it. 

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Your mates are quick in the Ascona 400's Herman.great stuff.

My fave section is at the 5 min ish stage,up until then I was feeling every bump,......lol could be most of the roads we have to put up with in the uk.

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The roads were not that bad, it is more the way the camera is fitted. It hangs on a arm that is sucked on the windscreen so it does vibrate. 

Also cause the suspension is rather tough.  Gonna look further, have some more, also with the GSI in France...

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An important moment for our "400": the 100.000km on the dash, than it goes back to 00000...

Looked to the material of France, is the same but a silver hood. And nothing for us Mantamaniacs.

Got something else: We just filled up our gas-tanks and are going to leave that place. Looks rather unorganized but gives a nice look at our cars, enjoy:


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