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Having just today finished paying my mortgage I was thinking of buying a new car. My initial thoughts were for any one of a number of great new models from Ford, BMW, Mercedes etc but then an old photo caught my eye of a young me with my first car. It was a manta GT/E coupe. So now older middle aged me thinks it would be a good idea to try for another manta. I’m no good with welding so I would be looking for a two door GT/E or Exclusive which is already sorted and preferably on an E or F plate. There don’t seem to be many around at the moment so I’ll jeep an eye on the listings but for now I’m just asking what sort of budget would I be looking at for such a car. Thanks in advance

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Hi and welcome to the omoc.

There is a 1984 gsi coupe for sale in N Ireland, has had a few mods including blitz interior and rear lower spoiler.

may not be what your after and earlier than you wanted, but reasonable cars don't come up that often.

Its a garage sale and price on application so may be overpriced. Depends how much you want one.

Good luck on your search.



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A manta GTE as a first car? Boy you were lucky! I had a mk3 1.1 fiesta that was hanging out of its own ar5e. GOod luck with your search. You should be able to find a good GTE under 10 grand just be prepared to wait and hold on for the right one.

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