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Hello Again Fellow Members

Here's another head scratching situation that I've encountered today on my Manta A.

It's been a nagging issue ever since I took it for it's MOT last November. When the MOT tester was doing his usual checks he found the passenger rear wheel wasn't turning freely like the drivers side. But he passed the car anyway & told me to have a look when I have a chance.

I also had grabbing brakes towards the end of last year, so I thought both these issues were due to worn brake shoes or wheel cylinders. Having some Birthday money I decided to spend it on a brand new set of front brake pads, new brake shoes, springs, shoe pins & new wheel cylinders, so everything is brand new braking wise. After finally getting around to fitting all these new parts I thought JOB DONE! But while the car was up on axel stands I thought I'd start the car up & select first gear. I got out & saw the drivers side rotating as it should, but the passenger side not moving at all! I even tried turning it by hand but it hardly budged!!!!

Does anyone have any idea's or ever encountered this?

Normally I'm quite competent with normal wear & tear issues that I come across on classic cars, but this one's got me really puzzled!

Can anyone help please? 🤔


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Does it have rear rotating adjusters on the back plates? - if so, did you slacken those right off, then adjust them so that you can hear the shoes just rubbing the inside of the drum?

Also have you looking at the handbrake adjustment lately?

Good luck.

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There are two 19mm bolt heads on the baclplate, with arrows stamped into the back plate alongsie. These each rotate a cam in the inside to adjust the shoes.. Slacken them right off - then check that the hand brake cable is free - before tightening them until the shoes just touch.. As you tighten, pump the pedal to ensure you centralise the shoes. If you are sure the other brake is completely freeing off, all should be good.. My reason froe asking is that I once had a similar problem and found the flexible hose had swollen within, so fluid wasn't flowing back freely - but then both should be tight.

Good luck!

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Hello guys

Just a update on my latest braking issue. Located those two bolts on the backplate on my passenger rear brakes. Freed them right off, spun the drum & adjusted them accordingly. And now it spins freely just like the drivers side.👍

A big thanks again for the info from my fellow members. 😃

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