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Headlight refectors for square lamp Manta B's

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Did anyone get any results either finding alternative reflectors that fit, or getting existing ones refurbished?

I cannot get a response from Dany Manta despite trying numerous times, and I'm fast approaching MoT time - with very shot, early reflectors.

All ideas and tips gratefully received!

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Ok, sent a email to a company, requested a price for twenty lights, thats 10 sets, 10 members, 10 cars.  See what they come back with, if they come back!  We could work it as send our lights

Surely no harm in experimenting, it’s how we learn ‘stuff’.

Why is everyone looking for a fudge fix? I also posted several days ago but reading this thread, its like my post isn't there. Call VMC. They did both of mine for £140+p&p and they are a grea

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Did see a car SOS programme, it was a birmingham, midlands company, Think the other car programme, with drew and that other guy, it was either the mk1 golf or mk1 mr2. Headlights restored. And it wasnt expensive. Cant remembet the company name now, but did write it down, somewhere?


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getting them rechromed has always been an option as we all know but they are usually stupid prices. they were when i enquired and this was many years ago.

as i have always told people .ebay is a fantastic place and everything you want eventually pops up.no need to pay the daft prices that they sometimes come up for either.within the last 5 years i have found new headlights for both my cavs and carlton and at very good prices.

i am still holding out waiting for some brown velour viva gls seats which will pop up eventually and currently looking for a perfect fittable omega bonnet in silver. 

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10 hours ago, cam.in.head said:

i am still holding out waiting for some brown velour viva gls seats which will pop up eventually 

I know a man with em er seats! 

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