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B Post Structure


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I've cut out the rust from the passenger side rear sill at the bottom of the B post.


The inner sill is solid.

The middle sill isn't too bad but I need to make a bottom lip for some of it.

The outer is getting replaced with the Hadrian panel that came with the car.

Question is, what to do with the bottom of the B post that hands down. I've read elsewhere that these were never tied in with the sill.

Can I just cut out the rot and forget about it or does it need tied in. I'll have to cut a lot more rear wing out if I go that way so the preference is to just cut it out but wanted to check.


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That piece adds strength to the pillar so best to keep it, basically when i repair mine i bring it down and curve it back towards the middle section. Weld it to that section then when the cill goes back on it buts to the inner cill which your lucky is in such good condition, you then drill holes in the cill and weld up through to the flange of the middle section. Hope that makes some sense!

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Yep, thanks that makes sense I think. 

When I did the front I tied the A post back as you've said above. I just plated between the two. Then I read somewhere that they just hung down originally. 

I'll do as you suggest. It's just tricky because that bit has rusted out further up than either the middle sill or the outer sill/wing.

I'll think of something.


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Weird that it was only the b post and sill only, worth checking if your quarter hinge seals are there? Water is getting in somewhere? 

As for repair, as suggested above, aslong as its tied to the sill, its the wee step in the sill that is tied to the repair you are making. You could also step your sill back on the line you havr marked if your not confident with butt welding, it makes it extra strong and is nearly impossible to burn through. 

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Yes, the rust was just between the middle sill and the outer wing. The bottom was solid. The whole car is pretty good apart from a few spots which are pretty bad. There's underseal everywhere which makes me think it's been looked. The rear of the sills are then only previous welding and to be honest, it wasn't great. This is what I found when I ground it back.



So I'm sure, the bit highlighted needs tied back to the inner sill near the bottom.



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