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Fuel pump Opel GT


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Hi, Im fed up with my mechanical fuel pump on my 1.9S CIH engine, can anyone recommend an inline electric fuel pump to work with Weber carb, think it needs to put out 4-5psi.

Ideally I would like one as a kit (with mounting bracket) and it to be quiet in its action and not constantly whirring away.

Thanks in advance.

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Use to run one of these on my A series when it was on twin carbs 


They tend to sound like they tick when they are running and dont whirr like injection fuel pumps.

It you can mount it with some extra vibration reducing you will stop the sound travailing as if you just bolt it straight to the body you will get noise transfer.



Put it nearest to the tank rather than up near the carbs and you might need a swirl pot on it as well.



not sure if that is the righ tone or not but it will be similar, use to run one on mine.



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