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Inner steering rod and TRE set up


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Hi All,

In an attempt to try to sort out my tracking that I believe to be way out, this morning I decided to do the most basic check and count the number of threads behind the lock nut on each TRE.

Then I remembered that when I replaced the TRE's about a year ago as part of my suspension overhaul and paint up that I had problems fitting them. Basically I could not shift the lock nuts back down the threads of the inner rods. However, I was able to do the job on both sides by rotating the inner rods (complete with the seized nuts) away /out of the TRE's, then fitted the new in the reverse sequence.

My question now is are the inner rods threaded at the rack end and what have I upset or changed doing what I have done?

Do I need to remove the TRE's again and 'reset' the positions of the inner rods and basically do the job properly by freeing off the (still) seized TRE lock nuts?

Sorry for asking such a dumb question,. but I cant quite get my brain around this one. 

Thanks in advance.

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It's unlikely you've disturbed the inner track rod ends as threaded end has been staked to stop it turning and of course it's ball and socket so it  just spins around.

Short answer, no!


A picture always helps! Funnily enough I removed a pair yesterday from my spare rack so it's easier to store. The flat part is knocked down against a flat on the rack so it won't undo.


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Thank you Exclusive Opel, you have completely answered my question and totally allayed my fears - sincere thanks!

So basically all I have been doing while turning the inner rods is spinning it inside the ball and socket and winding it/them out of the thread of the TRE.

Thanks again!

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