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Old Opels On Tour 2019

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Very nice Herman, no two cars look alike, not like today's cars, they all look the same, to be honest I don't know one from the other. I remember years ago, I won't say how many years!!!  you could tell what car was coming towards you when it was a couple of miles away, the Wolsey for example had it's badge on the front of the rad, that lit up in the dark, that alone told you what car it was without seeing the body of the car..

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Hi Julian, cars are yet designed by computers. So if you ask a computer of HP a mathematical problem or a computer of another mark it will give you the same answer. So a lot of cars look the same. What you tolled about the Wolsey is new for me, allways nice to learn about those details.

Some more about Old Opels On Tour:


They make a special "Blitz-Bier" (Beer), and they use my car on their bottle together with two others😊. Must I go to the AA?

Some more foto's:



Is that a genuine TE2800?



This is an real original TE2800! Very rare car:






Grts, Herman


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Hey Herman, Very nice.

It looks like you had a bit of UK weather there! but no UK cars!! If i every get mine going i could help fill that gap with a UK A series 🙂

Im planning on a few trip through the tunnel when its going. It was going to be this year but at this rate it might be next year! 

Good to see such a selection, a bit like the old days at Billing when the German cars use to come across for it.



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This is organised (every year) in the spring by someone of Opel-Belgium and is always very nice!.

Road book, some goodies, something for breakfast and dinner (sandwiches) and the possibility to join a BBQ.

It is free for everyone, you can check facebook @oldies on tour. This year there were 102 cars!

If you want to I can inform this forum the next time.

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