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Hi everyone. 

I was just wondering if anyone could help me out. 

I went for a  drive  yesterday  in my 77 coupe  and noticed that the  battery  light on the voltage gauge was lit slightly. On but dim.


The voltage  was showing  fine  on the needle. 


The battery  is fully charged  and fairly  new plus my Altornator was fully refurbished  a couple of  months  back  and only  done  about  50 miles .

Plus what voltage  are the bulbs that are fitted  in the instrument  panel.

Are the small capless ones 1.2v

And the bigger  capless bulbs 3v.

As my oil pressure  bulb doesn't  seem to be  working. But the gauge  is.

Any help  and advice  would be greatly appreciated  as always 😉


Cheers  Stuart. 👍

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Hi. If the light is a constant dim glow rather than varies with revs  check all earths especially engine strap and the actual alternator little brown earth wire.as mr sutty says

.i would also check the battery terminals too to be sure.and the other alternator wires especially the thinner one next to the blue /white one.

if all is well under the bonnet and you find that the ign light glows more when you turn more things on I would check the ignition switch connector for a good 12v feed and return.if the glow and the voltmeter varies a lot by moving the key a fraction either way suspect dirty contacts inside ignition switch.

as regards the oil light the wires on the actual sender are in a very hot and hard to reach area and often become loose.touching an earth wire to one will prove the light is ok .( there is a connector further up the bulkhead)and touching the other will hold the gauge at zero.

the bulbs are indeed 1.2 w and the larger ones 3w .(if you replace the ignition light make sure its definately a 3w 12 volt not smaller ,)

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Hi .for some reason I can’t reply to your other post regarding gearbox front oil seal.i assume you realise it’s a gearbox out job but leaving the bell housing on the engine makes it much easier.just 4 bolts to remove and box slides out .you will need to make or buy a gasket .see Haynes book.

its actually unusual for them to leak. Make sure box isn’t over filled and that the breather on the top is not blocked up.

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Will do. It's only loosing  a bit 

But a bit is too much  in my opinion. 

It's the only  seal that I didn't replace  when  I overhauled it a few years back. 

Typical. ....😠

Any ides where I could  get one  from if I need  one 😕

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Cheers matey. 

I really appreciate your help and support. 

It  is leaking  from the tin plate between the  engine  and  box.😠

If anyone  has  got a spare  seal I would be  happy to  buy it off you.😉

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