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2.0e starts...dies oil gauge going nuts


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Removed the inlet manifold to repair thermostat housing new gaskets install on refit now hard starting and throbs and dies after a few seconds and oil pressure gauge reads 4 bar then keeps slamming over to 5bar +++ and back to 4 bar again stays on zero with key on engine off.there are 3 connectors  (brown white black) they seem to fit on which ever sensor you put them on should have taken note but assumed they can only fit one way can someone tell or show photo there correct location not sure if this is the problem?. once engine warms up a little will idle and rev oil gauge still doing it's thing.IMG_20190523_165910.thumb.jpg.3c497ab13d0c7924acd3f294db86f54a.jpg

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Warmed up
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Oil sender connections are prone to working loose due to the heat from the exhaust. 

If you confirm they are tight AND making good contact then it’s a suspect sender unit but that’s rare..

check also the joint/ connection where the wires come up into the loom below the wiper motor .

regarding the other engine connectors the Haynes manual is a little unclear on wire numbers or colours for the injection.but someone should clarify it for you shortly

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Oil gauge - your probably right can see contacts are green with corrosion car hasn't done anything for many years and stored outside and cannot think how the two issues are connected. did have to loosen off the manifold again after fitting new gasket as numb nuts forgot to put the thermostat housing on first :P so may have damaged the gasket will replace (which will also give me access to the sender )may be my running problem as well.starting from cold lots of cranking ( used to start first turn every time) idles for two seconds then struggle's and stalls  more cranking process repeats if it put throttle in will throb ,pop and bang (inlet manifold gasket?) Once engine warms up a bit settles down idles and revs but hesitant.as for the three coloured connectors I now see the sensors are coloured the same brown black and whitish blue.will let you know progress sorry have had a few carb  mantas in my time but don't know anything about the injection system and associated sensors but keen to learn and would like to test everything thing to make sure it's doing its job properly but very little information in  Haynes.

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Yes it's in there and cleaned up thanks. just got to Finnish off re-replacing the manifold gasket it was so much easier on the carb model would seem someone has purposely design it to defeat my big (now sore) hands.had to stop yesterday as back was killing me.

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Has no one told you about the 3 plug colours yet ? .mines a 2.2 so different anyway but I assume from memory you are meaning 

the coolant temp sender

the thermo switch for the 5th injector

the aux air valve 

if it’s any help according to the Haynes diagram the temp sensor has 2 wires ,one is earth possibly brown and one is ecu terminal 10. Wire may be marked 10 ?

thermo switch has 2 wires , one is 29 or 4/1 or black and red

air valve has 2 wires, one is earth possibly brown and one is wire 9/2

this may help you a bit ?


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