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Not revving properly when warm


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2.0 CIH LE Jetronic 

I don't normally hammer a cold engine but she'll rev fine until she's at normal temp and then its a bit like a rev limiter around 3000. 

It seems to be electrical as I can stop for 5 mins then she'll go to 6000.  I've previously changed the coil, ECU and metering head, tonight I finally had a chance to change the occasionally noisy fuel-pump as it really feels like a lack of fuel but despite the change she's still the same.

Starts instantly from cold, idles at around 8/900 rpm which is low but fine. When warm needs the throttle about 1/3 way down to start quickly or she needs a bit more of a grind. Also when warm the idle is apt to be nearer 1200 rpm but a blip of the throttle will bring it down but that may be a red herring...

Anyone else had this?

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