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2.2 cih 150 hp


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i am returning to the uk from crete greece so i am breaking up my 1971 opel gt project.

i built a very good engine for this car. I am having it shipped to peterborough.

all bearings seals gaskets rings and stuff is new.

1.9 engine bored to 2.0 then fitted with the 2.2 crank so now a 2.2.

it comes with a polshed opel gt aluminium cam cover. 

the engine was decked flat.

it has a mildly worked 2.4 head with new fast road cam.

this is quite though mild when you go from 1.9 to 2.2.

it has an adjustable camshaft wheel

new timing chain and guides.

new oil pump. new water pump

converted to modern 2.4 timing wheel. for precise ignition timing

large flywheel and large new clutch complete.

new plugs oil.

has an oil cooler

never run.


also 5 speed getrag from a manta gte

6 cylinder inlet manifold cut down and welded for cih 4 cylinder 

inc throttle. very rare and sought after

2.4 exhaust manifold

megasqirt 2











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of course i will never get what i put in but

engine complete pick up or arrange pallet delivery from peterborough.

i pay for crete to uk via Crete Express service by Nomad International.

lets start at 850.00 ono but i can do a deal on the other parts.

5 speed getrag with new rubber arm cover      350.00    ono   

or offer me

also wide band lamda and controler as new.

pictures when i work it out,


this engine is 9 to 1 as i waned to be able to possibly turbo or supercharge it.

inc timing sensor from 2.4.

new 5 litres of oil inc filter.

engine has start up run oil and was built up using engine building greace not just oil.

has turbo oil inlet in the sump so i could keep this option open

dont be afraid to offer before ebay.

ask me questions


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i just used the 2.2 bottom end with new rings and bearings

it has cosworth flat top pistons. these take same rings as normal 2.0 cih

l had these checked and cleaned

these are connected to ford pinto rods that have small ends with new sized bushes.

the big ends fit straight on big end. the crank et al is standard size

 everything that could be upgraded or renewed was done. everything just ask

was built up using engine building paste and is filled with break in oil.

new filter of course

it should easily take a turbo and thats what i built it for 

it was all balanced

sorry i didnt take pics but it was for my resto gt 1971

it has 2.4 head all standard except some work around valves

new oil seals. valves seats done

i will take pics soon for you

i have ms and ill thats why im selling.

it took a long time to source all the new parts. 

if you look at the quality of the inlet manifold it will give you an idea of my work

i have been on ebay 20 years with 100 percent good feedback

i have megasquir t2 wide band lambda, new coil pack leads

realy everything new if i could find it

please ask questions

  • i sold some expensive stuff on ebay and hey recieved it damaged. i refunded them a substancal amount and he was happy
  • you can ask him
  • i am willing to do similar if you have any problems
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Sorry to hear the reason why you’re having to sell. If you put up some pictures (as many as you can) that may attract more potential buyers. It would be a good buy and I would have considered it but given the bills this week I have had it’s not possible - even having to sell some of my nice parts I wanted for my cars ☹️

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