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Fitting manta B coupe windscreen from outside...

Jason b

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Bit of an odd query this... I'm fitting a very tight fitting rollcage and wanted to check that in the event I may not have be able to quite get the rope method to work all the way round, has anyone fitted a manta B coupe screen from the outside using a plastic trim tool or or similar to flip the lip over the screen? I'd do a test but currently don't have a windscreen as the car was bought as bare shell and I'm intending on fitting a heated one when I get that far.


Thanks for your thoughts,


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You will have to work inside at some stage as the ‘inner lip’ of the screen seal has to be pulled to the inside of the car.

I used some roller blind cord (1-2 mm dia. from memory), so you would need to have a very tight cage to not be use that method.

Good luck!

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