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Spring meeting 2019 with the 400Club

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As always we had our Spring meeting, this time in Holland. Sorry that all pics look the same there they are all taken while the cars are parked.

Usually I take some pics of cars and engines, but this time my spine wanted some peace after driving a "400"...So my wife took the pics, enjoy them:












We had a great time, some more pics:






Grts, Herman





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Great photos as alway, it is great to see rare machinery being used, and owners having fun, i wonder how many smiles they created as they passed by others on the road, has to be 1,000 smiles, makes it all worth it, and shows what life is really about!

......but this time my spine wanted some peace after driving a "400"...

i had the same problem in a 400 as passanger, wonder if the seats are different, 1/3 up spine, almost like a bar? But standard manta recaro does not have this! Weirdly! 

So my wife took the pics, ........she has good taste in cars, :thumbup

maybe she should drive next time.......... maybe not! :D


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Well lets say its getting in and out of the car is yet a problem. And using the clutch, feels like a truck. My work repairing tanks is not the best thing to do for your spine...Thanks for the comments about the Missus's pics she took. And yes she can drive the "400", she had to learn it cause I have a heart problem and in case of emergency...

I remember years ago she said: "At the crossroad the back of the Manta wanted to overtake the front but I steered the car to the other side and everything went well"

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Hey Herman

Some very nice pic there 🙂

The last time my A Series was on the road an i let my Missus drive it she got a puncture and i had only just had new tyres fitted!, last time i let her drive it 🙂

Think mine might feel a little bit harsh when i get it back on the road as not use to driving something with rock solid suspension and no power steering! We are spoilt with these new cars!


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