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A Series gearbox cross member support


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Hi Guys

Just putting the gearbox support back in and im not sure the one i have is correct for the a series? When i bolt it up to the two mounting points it does not sit level and it looks like the offset is too much? Any one know if maybe i have one for a B that might be different to the A setup?

Pics or links would be great as finding it hard to work it out from the odd pic i can find for the 5 speed conversion kits.


this is what mine looks like, same as Hermans but he has a B series??







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Hey Herman

Thanks for the pic, looks like i need one of the original A series ones then! Time to put a wanted post up 🙂

and i will have a spare B series one for sale!! I think the extra holes are from the modification to take that gearbox mount that Thomas and Splendid parts sell as the bolts locate further out.

Thanks for clearing this up as it has been puzzling me 🙂



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On 25/06/2019 at 20:01, H-400 said:

Hi Andy, this is a pic of a original 4-speed support of a Manta-A:


And this is a original support of a 5-speed Manta-B:


Looks yours is the same as the "B" with extra holes in it. 

Hey Herman, thanks for the pic now i know the one i have is wrong 🙂 Not sure if im going to have any luck finding one so i might have to modify mine, i dont suppose you have access to the A series one to compare height etc.. between the two so i can modify mine?

From the pics the longer side (right to left on the A and left to right on the B) look similar, so i might be able to get away with cutting and dropping the other side.


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