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1979 SRB hatch project - £500 - Wiltshire


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I've had this car for a long time, and it's been off road for most of that time. Reality says that I'm not going to get around to doing anything with it anytime soon, especially now I've got the Ascona Voyage. My brother was going to do the car, but has also realised it's not going to happen.

The car needs quite a bit of work as you'd expect in the usual areas, but it is non-sunroof and is well worth doing I think given how few B series hatches are left. The photos on here are not totally up to date, the car has been stripped a bit more since then. The car is located near Royal Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire.

The car is showing 4 former keepers, the first was the supplying dealers, Jones of Chelmsford, it then had a lady owner until I think 2003 when classic car journalist Peter Simpson got hold of it, he then sold it via ebay to owner number 4, who kept it a short while until I bought it in December 2003.

I'm looking for £500, and I'd advise anyone seriously interested to get in touch to go and see the car. If you want any pics of certain areas I'll ask Dave to see if he can take them.

JHK 1.jpg

JHK 2.jpg

JHK 3.jpg

JHK 4.jpg

JHK 5.jpg

JHK 6.jpg

JHK 7.jpg


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Very nice! My favourite colour and spec with the ATS alloys! I'd imagine that plate must be worth the asking price alone. Hopefully it will be snapped up and back on the road again! 

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28 minutes ago, Danny D114BCW said:

Way too cheap. I hope it’s saved 

It wasn't dear and would probably have made more on ebay, but I wanted it to go to someone who would put it back on the road, and the new owner has told me that's what they are going to do so I'm happy, well as happy as I can be considering I'd like to keep it, but the car fixing fairies have made no sign that they're going to do it.

The money will go towards getting the Voyage back on the road, so it's all a good cause.

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13 hours ago, TheRealExile said:

Well worth doing and a nice project for someone, bargain with the plate and Alloys alone as Monaco Blue has already said added to topside the car looks none too bad.

You forgot the SRB steering wheel as well, mind you so did I.

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