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Radiator leak, complicated by it being an auto


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Hi all,

This morning I noticed a damp patch on the carpet under the front of the Cav.

Upon further investigation, I saw a damp patch at the bottom and the occasional drip from about a third of the way up the core.

I have removed the rad to try to get a better look to see if it could be soldered or use Chemical Metal to fix the hole (that so far I can even find...).

This wouldn’t be any issue if the car was a manual, as replacement rads are easy to come by and relatively cheap. Remember that my car is an auto though, which has the auto trans cooler connections at the base of the main rad...

Lets assume for a moment that I can’t source a replacement rad cheaper than the ones available from Germany at about £240 - any suggestions as to what to do?

I wondered about using a rad from a manual car, then trying to connect up a separate oil cooler for the auto trans fluid.

Good idea, bad idea, other suggestions?

Thanks in advance everyone. 

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47 minutes ago, hoobby said:

Hi Ian I always used Colchester radiators will re-core and repair old rad.

Hi Graeme,

I did actually look at their website earlier - what sort of money are we talking about?

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My radiator will be re-cored and costs me with the thick core of 53mm 180€ (inc. vat) and the normal core 140€. Always had the impression the prices in the UK were cheaper so I would recore it.  I fitted an electrical fan from the scrap-yard with some hand-made brackets and no problems in the tropical sun (traffic-jam) of the south of France. 

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As the leak was so tiny, I have decided to try the following:

- disconnect the heater hoses from the matrix.

- join them with a straight connector.

- add Barrs leaks (or similar) to the main radiator.

- after the leak is fixed (assuming the additive does the job), drain the rad and hoses.

- reconnect the heater.

Got to be worth a try!

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hi ian. wont do any harm especially as you say to avoid getting it in the heater core. pity you couldnt have found the pinhole .it would have soldered up as original rads are copper i beleive not ali.

if you are doing this whilst looking for a spare bear in mind an auto rad from a mk1 carlton or rekord 78-83 is also the same unit(2.0 but not 2.2) bar the outer frame which is swappable. 

or as has been said ,fit a standard 1.9/2.0 rad with a cooing loop or suitable unit.

also il keep an eye on ebay .stuff turn up eventually

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