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Auto box filter and fluid pan gasket


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20 minutes ago, andyc said:

Yes they are Ian. If you need any auto trans parts call these guys .JPAT 01934 853956 or www.jpat.co.uk. Will have anything you want for any auto box and at a very good price




Hi Andy,

That’s brilliant mate, sincere thanks for the pointer  :thumbup

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let us know how you go on with the brake band adjustment. my 2 boxes have never had this adjusted as they were and are still working fine so was advised by a local g box specialist to leave it alone except cleaning or replacing the filter.i also had major problems with replacement cork gaskets leaking.( slow seep realy) as they were not oem items. think i eventually bought a sheet of viton rubber and made a gasket from that. no leaks from that area since but did have from kickdown cable outer sheath being cracked and brittle due to exhaust heat.

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Little update on this...

1) Many thanks to Julian Best for sending me a copy of an old Invoice for the parts I was trying to source, with (of course) the suppliers name etc on it. 

2) The reason that I didn’t use Julian’s details is because yesterday afternoon I found a UK supplier with both parts on the shelf. After having paid early this morning, they are now both on their way to my work address (in case we and Mrs Mc go out for the day), with delivery expected tomorrow.

So big thanks go to: Sussex Auto Parts Ltd and in particular, Matt for his excellent service!

So if any of you need anything along these lines, try them at www.sussexautos.co.uk

or E-mail: parts@sussexautos.co.uk

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