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Manta b coupe inner sills.


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2 hours ago, shaunwilli said:

Hello all just started work on the manta coupe.Are inner sills available or do i fab them myself.Any advice on the rebuild would be welcome.


Hi Shaun,

I don't think that those panels are available, but I am sure somebody with far more knowledge that me will advise.

In the end I fabricated my own as you will see in my resto thread: Polar White and rust..

I hope that this might help you in some small way.

Good luck!

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Hi Shaun,

Take a look at pages 19 - 26 and the full horror of my pretty messy work will be revealed  :lol:

Once you get all of the rust cut away, it actually gradually dawns on you what is supposed to go where and why. Just keep three things in mind:

- you need strength

- you need drainage

- you need everything to be straight/line up at the end when you fit the outer sill.

Good luck matey  :thumbup

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Have a look at Mike’s Manta in your project section near the bottom of page 2 you will see a photo of the box section that has been welded inside the sill. I tied in the seatbelt mount at the bottom of the b pillar and the front jacking point at the A post and welded the floor pan to the box along the way, certain adds strength before the outer sill section went on.

before I tackled the outer sills I replaced small sections at a time on the inner sill to save it from collapsing then installed new floor pans then rear arches then the box inside sills and finally the outer sills, in that order.

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