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Input shaft bearing


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Well, the problem is you got to press the old bearing out the house from the inside to the outside. But dismanteling only that house of the box is just a few minutes work. Ofcourse the box needs to be out of the car, that takes some more work.


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Some pages of the workshop manual, they are in German so if you need some translation just ask:







This were all the pages you need to change the bearing, some pages show more cause they are a part of complete overhaul. I took some pics of my work:

Screwdriver points to the bolt of the rear drive axle, unscrew this bolt complete:


Tube of the clutch release bearing; 6 small bolts and out. You can change the oil seal:


Springclip that holds the input shaft bearing, release it with a special pair of plyers, not circlips! 


Contact of rear drive lights and plunjer with spring. If you put it back make sure the wheel is horizontal:


If the seem of the two parts of the body has got no gasket, close it again without gasket. Otherwise you need to compensate the thickness of the gasket with shims in the gearbox.



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Glad I could help you, 

on top of the gears you will see a lever with a pin, it fits in the "sliding bars" but if you turn the gears upside-down it will fall out:


you can see it on this pic above when dismantled.


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just be patient when putting it back together as those three main shafts can be a little bit of a fiddle to locate back into the casing. It should just drop back on once all located, no need to force it. If you can get a spare pair of hands when putting it back together it will be a great help, but did mine on my own!



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Forgot this: The bearing of the second gear-shaft is also something that can fall of, when you lower the gears into the house fit first this bearing in the house so the conical shaft will easy slide into the bearing.

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