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spot welding sills

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it depends on wether you are fitting a full sill with threshhold or just an outer side panel. original full sills are only spot welded but if i was fitting a side panel i would spot the bottom and do a full run and grind on the top edge .others mayhave different opinions 

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Spot weld.  In standard positions on the top edge. Interesting if they would accept spot/rose weld on the bottom edge to inner sill.  Would look original though and they probably won’t even notice. 

IIRC I’ve done spot/ rose weld on lower edge.  If it’s done properly they won’t fail it.  If it looks shonky they will.  

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4 hours ago, shaunwilli said:

Its 25mm x 50mmx 3mm box which fitted great.Already galved aswell.

Thanks, picture does not show it exactly, but it appears to be past the B post, how far does it run length wise(a start location would be great), thanks

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27 minutes ago, shaunwilli said:

It runs half way on the bottom of the b pillar and is attached to the bottom inner section of the A pillar.Would have liked too have past the b pillar but with the shape of the inner sill it would have meant not having it tight on the inner sill for welding it onto.

Thanks for the explanation, that will be very helpful 

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