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Top seat belt anchor point - parts order required


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Well this morning I seem to be having another one of (increasingly common) dumb days.

After receiving the NS seat belt arm from Exclusive Opel (sincere thanks once again!), I thought that I would quickly fir that up this morning...

All was going well until I tried to snap on the top finishing cap. Basically I just cant get both little 'tangs' to snap around the outside edges of the metal guide. One, yep no problem, but never both.

I suspected that I may have something in the wrong order, thereby removing the space I needed for the tangs, but I cant seem to see that I have anything wrong - so please help this old man  :lol:


Here are a few photos to show what I have currently and the cap with the tangs. You can see one of the two tangs right next to my finger in the third photo. Oh by the way, I hadn't fitted the other side previously and that is the same - so I cant even refer to that - Doh!








Thanks guys.

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If I remember correctly, you don’t push it or snap it into position with a big thump, this just bends the plastic tabs on the back of this cover.

Firstly check the two plastic tabs and see that they are not distorted, then offer up the cover into position, once in position push up towards the roof, I know the seatbelt chrome loop will be restricting when you do this but all you are looking to achieve here is to locate the two plastic tabs above the thin sheet of metal that holds the chrome loop then you push on it firmly and slide it down behind it, then it sits correctly and fixed in position. An awkward job which will try your patience.

I'm sure you’ll master this one.

Edited by Mike.
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