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B204 turbo engine


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Hello again, now that I have Mr. Martin's fiber kit, it's time to change the engine and my c20xe doesn't seem powerful enough, I'm thinking of buying a saab b204 turbo engine (E 154CV, L 185cv, R 205cv) and  I would like to know if any of you have experience in its assembly in an opel manta.  Thank you

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I have not installed one (yet), but I have my 9-3 donor car with a B235E for my project. I have read a massive amount on the whole subject, so might be able to point you in the right direction a little.

Don't get too hung up on the B204 - it has strong forged pistons, but the T7 head (B205/235) is better. Crack is the same, rods slightly lighter in B2x5 variant, but just as strong.

The advantage with a 204 donor car (if you can find one) is the T5 ECU/loom. But there is plenty of help for the T7 ECU to delete certain registers within the map that requires immoboliser/speed signal etc etc.

As for engine - your likely to rebuild the engine anyway, as they will all have high miles now. So the forged pistons for the 205 can be had for £550 a set in 2 oversize. The delete the counter ballance shafts etc. Your gearbox options are the (rare) Omega RWD 25-28, BMW Getrag 250 (needs special flywheel),  or RX8 with adapter plate (I have this, you can check out the gearbox in my project thread 'not so black beaut'. 

BUT! it all depends what power your wanting. a B205/235 are good for 350BHP easily anyway. You want to be idealy looking for a B205L or 205R to get the TD04 turbo.

Noobtune can tweak your ECU and is regarded as the man to go to for the SAAB ECU tuning. I intend to graft the T7 with the key Fob immobilizer into mine :). 

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18 hours ago, Rallygroupb said:

Gearbox I have an R25 of an omega opel that I wanted to adapt in my c20xe but the b204 is much better and easier to boost.  Thank you very much for your advice

Same set up I've got in mine. The b204 is a solid engine. Loads of information on vauxhall and Saab forums on it. Very reliable and can increase power pretty easily. 

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