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Cibbie super oscars


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45 minutes ago, Mickfrad said:

Hi Andy 

Brought these a while ago but still not sure if I want to use them yet.

pictures may help I can take some measurements and more pictures if you need them.




That's some great info there. Thanks a lot for that very helpful. Measurements would be great. If you decide to sell them I'm your man 😂👍

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If i do decide to i will get in touch

In the meantime i drew the bracket to scale I've included a photo and a pdf file if that doesn't work. 

Not brilliant but you get the idea. should print in A4 and I've included the length measurement to check.

flip the top view photo for left and right

spotlight bracket 2.jpg

spotlight bracket.pdf

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Ive added some measurements.

 If your making them yourself you could probably tweak them for fitment and position of lights. 

I opened the pdf on my phone and sent to print and it worked ok. May be worth trying on another device as it gives you the angles of bends.



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