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Modified coupe rolling shell

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Looks like the sunroof has been removed and plated over, but the sunroof tray is still in there and the roll cage is bellow that. Which is just odd, why not remove the tray and then you can fit the cage right up to the roof :huh: So the roll cage is over an inch lower than its supposed to be. looks like it is a bolt in though so could be removed, mounts raised and refitted but thats a lot of work when it could have just been done right in the first place.

Othe than that the shell looks quite good, if you are wanting to put a silly big engine in and 400 kit it might not be a bad option. But returning that to standard would be a lot of work with the front inner structure (and a good portion of chassis rail) removed. Plus those arch extensions at the rear are very high up. if the inner arch has been trimed that far back it could be an issue trying to rebuild it.

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