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Trouble dismantling door card


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Hi guys,

I seem to have hit a slight road block with dismantling my door cards.

The top black metal strip that seems to retain the interior seal is held on in a way that I have never seen before - does anyone know how to get it off without destroying something?






Thanks guys, much appreciated.

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1 hour ago, hoobby said:

Hi Ian this is like a door autopsy how about practicing on something similar if you have it then hopefully won't screw it up.

I like that plan!

I have got some new hardboard to collect tomorrow from B&Q, so I guess I can even mess around with the old card?!

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Ian, when I pulled the rear quarter cards off my car this is what I found.

Someone replaced the original cards with aluminum ones covered in upholstery foam and topped with vinyl.image.thumb.jpeg.486aeb1d32af30df20b86051386427ea.jpeg

They are actually quite well made, the rolled top edge is very nicely formed.image.thumb.jpeg.bd2db1daa11847a535e01a77c2842fdd.jpeg


Finding replacement cards on this side of the pond would likely prove to be impossible so unless I can find a pair in the UK or Europe I might have to recover these aluminum ones and put them into service.


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Thanks Wayne, that is an idea as I do have a pillar drill - I might give that a go later.


Those rear Aluminium ones that great Chris, a real work of art. I think that I would definitely be reusing those!


Cheers lads.

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Just had a little play with different ways of making those little slots in the hardboard.

The easiest a the fastest way is to use a small cutting disc in my Dremel:




This goes through the hardboard quickly and leaves a decent slot:




So I think that I will pick up another pack of those whilst I am in B&Q later

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