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Opel manta 1900sr for sale 

requires restoration in red with black interior needs front floor pans chassis rails , wings and bonnet, both doors are good, bootlid good, 84k , have had it running , 2.0s engine fitted, manual gearbox, weber carb conversion, firenza alloy wheels,  i have a pair of chassis swan neck repair parts and a nos n/s front wing which can go with it.

will try and upload some pics over the next few days.

i have a few pics on my phone if you pm me your number

looking for  offers in the region of £1900


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Hopefully these pics come through ok

As you can see she needs restoration, but it is a genuine SR and the log book is in my name.

thanks again



As mentioned the front floors + front chassis legs will need to be replaced, N/S AND O/S swan neck chassis repair panels are included in sale A pillars look good, doors and boot lid look ok, rear bumper and over riders are straight.in the boot looks good.






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Not sure if you can get any underneath pictures of the work required, it might help the sale if people can see exactly what needs doing.... I suspect the experienced will already know but it's good to see. Also please don't take offence as you have been really honest in your pictures and description but even though the interior etc all need work I'd clean and shine everything best I could, some prefer as is of course- just personal preference and from experience selling on ex-company cars that I fix up when they come available. 

The auction might pick up at the end as people tend to wait until last minute so as not to push the price up, good luck with the sale - always fancied an A  but I still struggle to find time to work on my Project (Black GTE Coupe)


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16 hours ago, manta a series said:

i,m surprised there been little interest on here at the moment the reserve price its at is far less than it owes me. 

In my case its the 814 mile round trip 😋

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19 hours ago, manta a series said:

Yes this is one and the same. i,ve listed it due to needing to get it sold asap  to make room for a replacement. i,m surprised there been little interest on here at the moment the reserve price its at is far less than it owes me. 

I’d be buying that from you, but a lack of money, a puppy on the way, Xmas round the corner and no space in the garage all add up. Shame as I’ve always wanted an A series. 

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Me too.... I'm sure we all have stories of I could have bought one for x but back in 1991 I viewed one that was literally mint but he wanted 1100 quid for it, didn't buy it, was a lot of money for me at the time as still at college and earning 2.24 an hour part time. 

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Thanks everyone, sadly i havnt got the time to restore her, you can probably just make out a ford capri s along side it, ive owned that car for over 10yrs, and it needs hardly anything doing to it, housebuilding, kids in uni , work and not getting any younger taking up my time, hopefully she,ll go to a good home where someone can give it the time it deserves.


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