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Ebay: 91J plate Manta GTE up for sale

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I've read about this one but never seen it. I'm sure someone can add a bit more info:


Just noticed it's already been posted albeit with a rather vague title. 


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JUST GOT THIS MESSAGE OFF A GUY ON EBAY NICE TO HAVE SOME MORE HISTORY TO GO WITH THE CAR          hi I used to own this car in 1994 when when its first MOT was due i purchased it from a salvage yard in kidderminster for £2200 it had damage to the n/s rear quarter panel from an accident.it was an i240 (originally) it had the full irmscher i240 body kit (not 400) you are correct in saying it was the last one registered as the previous owner wanted a new manta and as only the replacement calibra was available Tom May MD of irmscher uk (steve thompson cars litchfield)agreed to build one for the customer. it had a 2.4 irmscher motor 8v cih type engine and originally had a blitz interior although when i got it it had daytona check and a disc braked rear axle with LSD although when it was new some parts where used that where second hand it was never registered as an exclusive. I lent the body kit which was bolted on to Trevor Lewis who formed rally tech to remake the n/s rear arch which was missing in the accident in order for him to copy the complete kit in fiberglass as they were extremely rare in UK,i removed the engine and replaced it with a 2.2 carlton block as the engine was a high output unit and i had a need for it for another project.The guy i sold the car to after he begged me to part with it lived in cradley heath in the black country where i believe he never got around to finishing it off obviously its probably changed hands a number of times since

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