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car of the week! anyone recognise the reg?


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Dont recognise it but comes up as cavalier on Gov



This vehicle's MOT has expiredYou can be fined up to £1000 for driving without a valid MOT
This vehicle may be MOT exempt, for more information refer to MOT exemption guidance


Check another vehicle


Fuel typePetrol

Date registered2 December 1976

MOT expired on26 January 2018

Get an MOT reminderwhen the vehicle's MOT is near its time for renewal.(Opens in a new Window) by email or text.

If you think the MOT expiry date or any of the vehicle details are wrong, contact DVSA.
Open All

MOT history

Check mileage recorded at test, MOT expiry date, defects and advisories, and view test certificate

The MOT test changed on 20 May 2018

Defects are now categorised according to their severity – dangerous, major, and minor. Find out more

Date tested27 January 2017


Mileage89,515 miles

MOT test number1791 3611 4489

Test location

 View test location

Expiry date26 January 2018

Outstanding vehicle recalls

Check if VAUXHALL CAVALIER OMH503R has outstanding recalls

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Here is the build thread, isnt a cavalier coupe just a manta with the wrong badge!  Less likely to have been raced or rallied....... maybe! 


Great spec, would go well, original building seemed to enjoy building it at the time, and did a real good job, 

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