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2 litre S or E complete bottom end and other parts required...


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Hi all,

I have a shopping list of no doubt difficult bits to find, all for a 1982 b series coupe... I'm based in Grantham, East Midlands and don't mind travelling with in reason.

2 litre CIH complete bottom end or complete engine, either S or E.

locks set, or locks with key for both doors and boot.

fuel cap with key.

dash top, either grey or black.

speedo cover same again either black or grey.

alternator top adjuster bracket

4 speed gearbox

4 speed gearbox rear mount rubber

pair of original square headlamps

I'm sure the list with get longer but this will do for starter.

Thanks in advance


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2 minutes ago, Danny D114BCW said:

Hi there Ian. I have a very good headlight £60

what do you Mean with speedo cover? I think you mean the one that goes over the closely etc. My mate also has a box etc. 

I will pm you now 




HI Danny,

Thanks for that...

i mean the cover that goes over the top of the speedo/gauges, if that makes sense?


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