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Hello from Spain


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Hello, my name is David and I am from Spain. I recently bought a 1983 Opel Manta B GT / E. The car is in good condition, has no corrosion. My project is to do a 30NE conversion and a 400 body kit. I hope to learn a lot and also be able to help. I'm sorry for my English. I publish some photos:

BBB0-A238-7-FD7-4-EBB-982-D-F786-C4-EEF8 IMG-2763.jpg


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Hi David. Welcome to the club. You’re definitely in the right place for help and knowledge. There are some great people on here who will help you out with any questions or problems you have with the Manta. It looks great especially the lack of corrosion 👍. Don’t apologise for your English, it’s much better than my Spanish.  Enjoy the club and the car 

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On 31/12/2019 at 10:40, H-400 said:

Hi David, welcome on this forum! The right place for any questions. Your car looks to be in very good condition, the nice Spanish weather was kind to it. Succes with the rebuild, Herman.

Thanks, yeah, the Spanish weather keeps in good condition the cars, except the car from the coast.


On 31/12/2019 at 13:23, Buz said:

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-0-12v-Engine-C30ne-C30ne-3000-12v-Gsi/143487454900?hash=item216884ceb4:g:nn0AAOSwOZ5dgA8e   .  A good start for your project if you don’t already have an engine 

Thanks, I have already a complete engine with 265 getrag and now i’m restoring it, i will open a post with the peoject and upload photos. 

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Hi again David. So you'v got allready an engine. I'v got a friend with a 6cilinder in his Manta. The problem is the engine is a lot heavier so try to put it as much as possible to the rear of the car. You can also move the battery to the trunk to give more weight on the rear axle. 

Also curious for your thread!

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Yes, i bougth a complete engine with gearbox and electronic. It´s my intention to put the engine the maximum to the rear of the car, now i'm in disassembly process, and i have the 30NE out of the car and restoring it. I have some information to make the SWAP. 

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1 hour ago, davuiris009 said:

Thanks!! I didn't know this website.

Very good site, lots of nice stuff on his site and Thomas is very helpful if you have any questions. He also has a very nice Ascona B 4.0i - 24V 🙂

and probably nice and easy for you to get parts from Germany!

I have a few other parts links on my blog that might help out if you do need parts. Especially performance parts as Krause Racing in Germany do lots of engine parts and again very helpful but they do need the money by bank transfer. I have bought a few engine parts with no problems from the. There is also https://risse-motorsport.de/ but they are expensive!!!


Lots of the German A series cars use to run the straight 6 in them.

Good luck with the project.  



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