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Manta B various parts for sale inc wing mirror, coil, switches, front indicators


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All parts from a Manta GTE 1986 saloon
I have (photos hereūüėě

  • Offside remote adjustable¬† wing mirror ¬£25
  • ¬†Original Bosch Coil with ignition unit and brackets - ¬£25
    • Tested this to have 0.95 ohms across outside terminals which I understand to be normal
  • Clock ¬£7.50 (tested)
  • ¬†Blower switch (¬£10 each) (tested)
  • ¬†Rear demist switch (¬£10 each) (tested)
  • ¬†Front spoiler indicator complete unit (¬£5 each)
  • various relays (will add photos shortly)¬† ¬£20 for all,

I also have the interior and glove compartment (I assume) lights that are available for the price of postage only.

All -parts are located near Mansfield, and all prices are excluding postage.

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added interior light and relays
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1 minute ago, Julian B said:


Just wondered whether you might have a standard exhaust manifold for a manta B 2.0S? If not, would you know of anyone who might possibly be able to help?

Many thanks


Sold mine some time ago, and don't know anybody who has one sorry.



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Hi mate. 

I'm doing a right hand drive ascona conversion so I need a right hand dash doesn't matter if its cracked I'll flock it,  and basically a complete interior. If you still have it how much would you want for it? I'm only in Chesterfield so can collect. 



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