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Manta 400r V8

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Interesting 400r V8 rally car popped up for sale the on omoc facebook page . Does anyone recognise the car or know any of its history ? Or any info on the company/chap that built it ? Looks a real time warp. Apparently been locked away for 23 years ! 












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3 minutes ago, H-400 said:

I like it, has got attitude. Love the way how the front bumper is fitted on the front mask. Give it 8x15 Ronals (yet 5x15) and it looks unbeatable.

Yeah there certainly something about it. Seems strange, that no-one seems to know anything about the car, and it's been used on stages in the early days apparently. Would love to know more about it's past and it's build etc...

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6 minutes ago, H-400 said:

I don't have a facebook account, what do they ask for it?  See something like a tripmaster and fire extinguisher, floorpans are rusty but looks like someone gave this car some love & attention. 

It was originally up at 5k then on car and classic for 3k, I'm currently in talks with it's owner with a veiw to buy it  🤔

It's certainly had a lot of cash chucked at it in its past. 

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1 minute ago, Exclusive Opel said:

Thanks, I'd seen the adverts. Im more interested in its past, who drive it, who built it, specs etc... 

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22 hours ago, biffy1984 said:

Does the owner have no info on it Andy?

Yes he has some history in paper form. I was just wondering if it was a known car to the club. And history of who was involved in the build. Im off to collect it in the morning. So I'll see what paperwork says. 

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