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LHD 1988 GSi Coupe for sale £21K

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A few things that caught my eye looking at the photos:

Exclusive rear spoiler (weren't fitted to a GSi). 

Rubber cover on steering wheel has been off. It's got the tell tale bend at the top. Has anyone ever got one refitted without? 

Drivers door armrest looks like it's been refitted as the door card fabric is twisted. 

I suspect it's had a respray. Hard to believe a Spanish car would survive 30 years of hot sun and still have a high gloss. Could have been garaged I suppose. 

As said, the Recaro bolsters look grubby. In saying that the photos are underexposed. Looks better in the videos 


On the plus side, the cardboard radiator filler plate looks good! 

I suspect if that was on sale in the UK it would be a £10-15K car depending on who was selling it.

Talking of prices, anyone noticed this 4x4 Turbo Calibra on the same site for 30K! The Calibra forum would be amazed I think! 


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Just looked at the links, no way has that car done that mileage! 
It’s had pint as the rear black bit of the spoiler is painted as is the rear reg light. It’s a nice car but at that money I would want it better than that!

- no boot carpet

-dirty interior with broken bits 

- horrific water hoses etc! 🤢

you would need to spend on.l that car and at that money it should be right and perfect. 

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