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1980 Cavalier saloon 25,000 miles

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Nice....and yes I would swop the engine....may be a 3.2 V6 and widen the steel wheels, keep the hubcaps...plus buy myself a flat cap, thick rim glasses and brown leather gloves ....oh plus a brown tartan blanket covering back seat...then go looking for some street action....(no offence to anyone who dresses like this or owns a tartan blanket!)

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yeah ive had a 1256 cav and they are a little underpowered .ok in a viva or chevette but out of place in there.i would have got this a few years back when i got mine and converted to gls spec and put a 2.2 in.a great rust free base to build from. and we all know how rare that is. it could also be used as a manta base too obviously but may be too much work for some.

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11 hours ago, Manta hatch said:

Very nice example one thing is for sure the cabs are always solid compared to mantas as they were made out of different steel 

These are really clean examples, the red one brings back memories of my better specced one with proper velour seats 😎However, by 1987 my 1977 1.9 GL had a significant amount of fibreglass matting in the passengers floor both front & back. The swan necks were an mot fail by 1989. Granted the amount of salt on the roads & blown from the sea where I lived had a significant effect & there weren’t any other makes that fared better but I do wonder if some of these had more paint underneath or better sealer/rubber on the bulkhead or is it simply comparatively low humidity & no salt exposure. 

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wow yes thats a great example too .where have they been hiding

On 17/03/2020 at 22:36, Jessopia74 said:

Would not like to see a 4door manta 🤮

no neither would i but i suppose it would still look better than most of the modern soulless crap around .

i was meaning the cav would be a great base for a manta using manta rear pan and roof the lower floorpan is same realy up to under the rear seats but if it were me i would just build a nice 2.2 gls from it like i did with mine

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