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CIH exhaust valve oil seal.


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Hope everyone who sees this is healthy and well.

Could someone who knows these CIH engines help. I'm just starting to but the head back together. I have valve stem oil seals for the inlets and flat o rings for the exhaust. The problem is the o rings don't fit in the pace the Haynes manual suggest. I.e. in the lower grove in the stem.



The flat o ring I have is about 12.5 mm across, the recess in the retainer is about 11mm.



I've checked online and others are about 11.5mm.



So it looks like the ones I have are a mm too big.

My question is:

What exactly does that seal do? It doesn't appear to be sealing anything as it doesn't make contact with anything along its stroke.

Can I use any o ring assuming the ones I have are no good.

Thoughts on using the old ones I took out. They look ok. How critical are they. 

I have new inlet ones so will obviously use them. This is for the exhaust only.



Would something like this be ok. Would appear to give me the 11mm I need and I think nitrile is ok in oil???

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Just now, Exclusive Opel said:

They look more like injector seals.

They could well be. They came in the head gasket set and were in the same packet as the inlet seals so I assumed.....

That means I need some o rings then as there were none in the kit.

Any thoughts on the ones I listed?

Thanks for your response.


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50 minutes ago, Exclusive Opel said:

I'm sure I have some so I can see what they are like and measure them.

They are indeed 11.5mm diameter.

They are also square section.

Ok, that's useful. Thanks for taking the time to do that. 

Standard o rings probably aren't the way to go then....

I'll order some on line. A couple of places had them listed and they weren't too expensive from memory. It's frustrating. I thought I'd got everything together.

Many thanks again.


56 minutes ago, Exclusive Opel said:



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