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Rev counter not going above 1200rpm


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That's right haven't finished with you all yet :D

Rev counter reads tick over but barely goes over 1000rpm when revved looks like another bad connection I believe they get there signal from the coil ?.


At a guess I would say the round one ? as can't get it apart no more play now bath time and Chinese tho I could kill a vindaloo right now 🔥🚒.

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Cheers Jess just managed to get it apart and all is shinning in there the square black one was a mess tho all cleaned up and the block at the back of bay but still won't read above 1200rpm can I give the rev counter a false signal to see if that where the problem lies?.

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Yeah, could be breaking down in the rev counter, without a scope it’s hard to tell.

Maybe the bash on the dash is the right thing to try 😁

I think the fuel pump relay can also break down, you can try jumping the pump and pull the relay to test 

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Well i have just tried my spare relay and what the hell a few sharp taps but still the same but I do have most of a spare instrument cluster (temp gauge missing) going to temporarily fit it to see if its the unit itself that's failing.only problem is it's not for an exclusive so the decals on the dials are different I did change the temp gauge one but this time will have to remove the needle please tell me it just pulls off and not glued on.

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Just thought I would Finnish this thread as myself and probably many others come across threads like this and think "that's the problem I've got" to find the trail goes cold.

Started with one rev counter as above and the spare turned out to be completely dead both now working the problem was a capacitor on the circuit board this one has leaked.


Can be replaced without removing the needle 

Remove the three brass screws  from the back cover do not touch the two recessed screws in the middle then unclip it to remove

Remove  dial face screws and gently push some tissue in behind to create a little space

Make sure you fit the capacitor (16v 47uf) the right way round otherwise it may explode 😂

- stripe and shorter tail

+ Longer tail


+ On circuit board is the one closest to the center of dial.may not fix every rev counter but for 20p got to be worth a go.





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cheers for that. you learn something everyday.

used to seeing burst capacitors in tv boards many times but now im gonna have a look at the tachos on my spares ( at first)

wonder if this is the cap responsible for smoothing the needle or is it mechanical ?

.i have seen some tachos that bounce up and down when revved rather than damped fluid motion. 

no rest for me then this week !

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