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8 spline (course) window winder handles - chrome surround


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Dear All does anyone have any 8 spline (I call it course) chrome surround window window handles they can sell to me - 2 Off required please.

As I swapped my original rotten Cav Coupe doors for Manta doors, I now have 8 spline winder mechanisms, whereas my Cav had 16 splines - hence the winder arms dont fit.... :(

Here is a photo of what I am looking for:



Currently I have a Manta (all Black) 8 spline one fitted to the Drivers side, but as I mislaid the other one during the rebuild I have nothing permanent on the Passenger side. As I want to keep it as close to original as I can in this respect, I would really like to get the Cav GLS chrome surround ones refitted.


For reference, this is a (rough) photo of the original 16 / fine spline unit - NOT what I am looking for.




The photo below seems to indicate that some of the front parts may come away via the little round plastic pins and allow them to be interchanged. If anybody knows more about this and has some ideas, please feel free to share them.




Thanks in advance everyone.

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15 minutes ago, TheRealExile said:

Ian there is one on Ebay now search opel manta winder, 9th item down but it's 15 quid! 


Thanks mate, much appreciated.

 I have sent them a message to ask how many splines it has.

In the mean time, I will keep my options open  :thumbup

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27 minutes ago, Shaun400r said:

Can you not unbolt the original whole window mech from your old doors ?

Hi Shaun,

Thanks for the suggestion. The short answer is yes, as I do still have those. But compared to just replacing the winder arm, it feels like a mountain of work.

Of course I will if I have no alternative though...

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1 hour ago, MrCarlos said:

im pretty sure that all the black and chrome winders are the fine spline pattern, by definition they were from the early cars


Thanks Carl, appreciated. Do you have a pair of course spline winders in Black?

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2 hours ago, Exclusive Opel said:

If you get really stuck, I do know mk3 Astra ones do fit because I've tried it! I did have some but for the life of me I can't think where they are.

Ooh interesting - so they are 8 spline?

8 hours ago, MrCarlos said:

I dont im afraid 😐

No problem Carl, thanks anyway.

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45 minutes ago, Mickfrad said:

This does make you wonder what other Vauxhalls used the same fitting.

These nova ones for instance unfortunately grey.


Vectra B are the same as the later Manta version splines, using them on mine at the moment.

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Thanks to everyone who contributed here, so I do have some options.

However me being me, I have decided to try something.

I have to original Cav winders with 16 splines. But I now have 8 splines spindles in my doors...

16-8 = 8 of course - so my thinking is to remove every other spline in the winder and see if it will fit. I have one or two ideas on how to do this.

Whats the worst that could happen lol

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No scrap all that - decision made.

Get the tools out and swap the Manta window regulators for the original Cavalier ones.

Everything else is just as much grief, so might as well do it properly...

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46 minutes ago, Trooker said:

Saw these & thought of your winder dilemma but guess they’d be the wrong spline count being older too




Thanks mate, really appreciate the thought.

However, when you posted I was probably;y right in the middle of reassembling the Passenger/Near side door again after fitting the original; Cav regulators (with 16 splines).


That meant I was able to use the original winder handle - so now I have this again:




Thanks again everyone for your help and suggestions  :thumbup

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