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Ebay: 88 GSi Exclusive Coupe 1800KM - 38.5K Euros

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Text translation: 

The best Manta GSI Exclusive of the last 30 years is offered here .
In addition with a rare steel sliding roof and green colored glazing.
The vehicle has a total mileage of only approx. 1800 kilometers and is still on the first tires.
The manta is inside and outside in new car condition without any signs of use !!
Technically the car is flawless and drives like a new car !!

Here you do not buy a restored craft booth, but a Manta GSI Exclusive in the original factory delivery condition!

I have sold several first-class Manta A and Manta B from my private collection all over Europe since 1986. Therefore, enjoy good references at home and abroad.

I do not answer letters without greetings or without at least the obvious effort to be polite.
Know-it-alls also go nowhere. Likewise, I have no desire for interested parties, where my price is immediately criticized improperly.
FIRST CONTACT only by email (only solvent interested parties).


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You certainly can. 

But I will have to  put the gearbox  back in...

As i removed it the other day...

Due to front  oil  seal  leaking 😢

At least it  gives me something to do 😷👍.

I will  be in touch  tomorrow  after  have  checked  my winning  numbers 🤪🤣

Take care and speak to you soon. 



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