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Indicator stalk bearing


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Just as a follow up, bearing changed successfully but the plastic part of the stalk just spins within the metal stalk. Have tried glueing but without success. Is there supposed to be a bush inside the plastic part you twist to engage the wipers. Cheers

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hi.if im reading this correctly .

the indicator/ wiper stalk is a rod with a raised section that turns the wiper switch inside the multi switch.i have never seen one where the plastic part has come loose over all my years of ownership so cannot comment.( the end comes off,the washer switch button otherwise the outer is firmly fixed).

so as you say it looks like it needs reattaching to the shaft.

i assume the wipers work if you turn the actual metal shaft .

there should be plenty members on here with a replacement for you so i would definately try to pull yours apart to see whats happened.if you want to fix it then you may well actually find how its supposed to stay tight and mend accordingly or use a glue of your choice.

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If you have removed the wiper arm stalk and reinstalled it and it now doesn't work. You may not have pushed it back in far enough. I've seen it several times, it fits in and feels like its home but rotating it does nothing as the tab isn't in the groove of the inner workings.

If the end plastic is rotating on the shaft then i've never seen that before and your easiest option will be to replace the stalk.

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