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'86 Coupe at auction

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Was posted in one of the fb groups ~6month ago. Seller didn't wanna sell it for £12grands offer. Wanted ~£15grands if I remember right.

I believe it must for over estimated price. At least lockdown and other things...

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4 minutes ago, TheRealExile said:

It's very nice indeed, Is this the first year of the vehicles with the Grey interior rather than the check?


1 minute ago, Mike. said:

And the addition of the indicator on the front wing.

If you have a look here at the 85 and 86 Vauxhall brochures, you can see that by June 86 the Chicago Grey interior and wing indicator were standard.


This GTE was registered late June 86 so almost an 87MY car.

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27 minutes ago, TheRealExile said:

Hmm that means I have newer front wings then as mine have the indicators, should they just feed in to the main indicator wiring? Wings are off at the minute and I don't see any indicator wiring.

You wouldn't believe this unless you've seen it but to add the side repeaters in Opel just scotch locked the extra wires in off the indicator feed by the dash.

And yes I did say scotch lock from the manufacturer. 

Mantadoc had a thread on this somewhere and I didn't believe it until I saw it myself on a couple of mantas. 

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52 minutes ago, bris jas said:

WOW, with buyers premium just sold for £15,544!.

Blimey! That's a fair bit more than I thought it might go for!

On 12/06/2020 at 11:57, Rapierdave said:

MOT'd with no advisories, should reach the top end of its estimate.

Suspect a few well known classic car dealers will want this one at the right price.

Will be watching for this re-appearing soon at £17500 or so. Unless it was a private buyer that really wanted it.

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If it has sold to a dealer for £15544 then it they will want £20K minimum as an asking price.

If its a private buyer then its top money but try finding another one. Original unrestored timewarp cars always command a premium.

Great news for owners of GTE or Exclusive coupes thinking about selling 

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Great that a good car went for a decent  price. To pay to restore one to that standard would take that kind of money.  It’s easier to sink a bit more in if you think you stand a chance of getting a proportion back if there’s suddenly a personal reason to sell. 

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Here’s my view, a GM enthusiast for too long than I care to remember; Manta, Kadett C and GT owner (Multiple!!!) and as a classic car dealer .... how many of you looked at?

I did on Thursday afternoon and whilst it was nice I’m a long way from convinced that it was entirely original, there was plenty of evidence of it having had paint and whilst ‘yes’ it was done to a good standard, it wasn’t mint (not my mint!) .... I was especially disappointed with the sill extensions, they been pop-riveted on all the way down with the original clip holes still being evident. The inner wing to front panel area was just starting to burst out, the engine lacked any detail and looking at it, you could have been forgiven for thinking that you might have been looking at an engine that had done 150,000 miles, not 50k! As for the interior, generally ok, but the drivers seat outer bolster had collapsed altogether, the piping was out of shape and split. As for the history file, it was decidedly underwhelming, a few stamps in the dealer booklet and 2/3 incidental invoices, but noting to get excited about, I could not have put our business on it at £20k retail, tbh I would have struggled to see it at £15k, without us doing our usual of spending loads and giving our time FOC.

And before you think I’m being a negative Nancy and bitter that I missed it, I’ll say this .... Swan Necks / Jacking points .... they were brill, a massive plus point!! Where did I see it? As it is, no more than £9k, with the thought of spending upto £1k to rectify with a retail figure of £12-13k.

I’d like to think it’s gone to a privateer, I hope they do the car justice. If goes out to Trade, let’s see what they do...most will chuck a bucket of water over it and that’s it ..... we’re not all the same.



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