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Cavalier Coupe Rear Fog Lamp relay and wiring


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Hi guys,

Does anyone know if I will find the relay and wiring behind the dashboard for the rear fog light?

I have a Haynes manual with a wiring diagram that seems to indicate that the relay should already be there. I bought a fog light switch ages ago, so that is also no problem.

Thanks in advance.

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When I look at the wiring plan of the Manta B1 there is no relay. The original fog light switch has got three connections. One goes to an earth, the other one to fuse nr. 2 that gets 12V from the main light switch and the third goes ofcourse to the fog lamp at the rear. Fuse nr. 2 feeds also numberplatelight and left front parking light. Think the LHD version will work thesame as the RHD cars. Succes!

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Am i right in thinking all mantas (maybe only GTEs) had wires cable tied on front chassis crossmember for fronts, black wires, folded back.

Think i remember the foglight switch on dash, above headlight switch, is there a different switch for front and rear foglights?

Got the same led bulb holder fitted to reflector section of rear drivers lens, On modified mantas, as never liked additions like aftermarket lights, ariels etc. 

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yes,and mk1 cavs do too even base models.just needed fuse and relay plugging in.switch connector hanging loose in pod cover.

must admit thou that rears dont all seem to have it.my two didnt or wasnt obvious so just ran a wire from light switch to rear fog switch and then to back of car for foglamp.

did try the mod years ago to put a bulb in the cluster but didnt seem bright enough ( mot man didnt like it either) so fitted the standard one .i personally dont like the minimalist look so rear fog,overriders,and mudflaps all round on mine !

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